A journey sailing in an emerald sea, between small and large coves with white sand: this is Sardinia, an island that amazes the visitor for its natural contrasts, lights and colors, a country of ancient traditions, surrounded by wild and unspoiled nature.

Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, with a predominantly mountainous territory but without high peaks, Sardinia offers visitors a unique natural environment, at the same time harsh and sweet. Man, in fact, is in some areas almost a rare presence; vast areas have remained magically intact, inhabited by deer, wild horses and large birds of prey and are rich in small desert areas, ponds and lush forests with trees even thousands of years old.

Those who prefer the mountains to the sea can discover the Gennargentu region, the largest mountain complex in Sardinia, with its picturesque scenery where nature occupies a prominent place. Very rich flora and fauna with its mouflons, golden eagles, Sardinian deer and various species now on the verge of extinction.

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