Visit Naples is a magical place combining colours, tastes, traditions and history in a charming mix of knowledge, happiness and fun.

The area is dominated by Vesuvius and overlooks a wonderful bay, the beauty of which has been an inspiration for many artists. The beauty of the landscape, the gorgeous islands that dot the azure Mediterranean waters like gems, the power of a flamboyant and lively people open the doors to the joy of living that pervades every inch of this land, where popular songs and delicious dishes never fade away.

The many places will inspire every kind of visitor: from art and history lovers, to nature and sea lovers, from gastronomy to the ancient traditions. There are two locations that highlight and define the bay: the bay of Sorrento to the south and the magnificent area of the Fileds Flegrei to the north. At the centre of this arch is Naples with the imposing Vesuvius behind it.

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